The JES aims to encourage and promote original thinking in various fields of economic sciences. The journal also offers a unique perspective on different policy issues critical to developing economies in general and South Asia in particular.
Journal is looking for original theoretical and empirical contributions in economics (all areas) and related fields. General subject areas include, Development Economics, Regional Economics, Agriculture Economics, Urban Economics, Institutional Economics, International Trade, Environmental and Resource Economics, Public Finance, Fiscal and Monetary Policies, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Transport Economics and Finance.
The journal also prefers to publish work in new fields of economics.

Journal of Economic Sciences: Published by Department of Economics, FUUAST Islamabad

Mission & Vision

Journal of Economic Sciences is a biannual research journal related to the field of different fields of economic sciences. The team of the Journal is following the rules defined by HEC (Higher Education Commission).

The aim of this Journal is to promote research in the field of Economics and it provides a dynamic platform for researchers and professionals to share their efforts and circulate their achievements and practical experience through providing opportunities for print and online access to quality material for all those who have their interests in research in the field of economics.

The journal is constantly struggling to achieve distinction by promoting the quality of research. The team of the Journal is also committed to accelerating with professional ethics to set standards of quality and academic integrity.